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Edgar Allan Poe
19 January
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Just roaming with my Soul.
angelina jolie, annabel lee, balm in gilead, bells, black cats, casks of amontillado, clocks, dark angel, depression, despair, evil propensities, george w. bush, goth chicks, hallucinatory dreams, imps of the perverse, jessica alba, jim morrison, lenore, ligeia, literary criticism, long catalogues of vices, masquerades, memento mori, names like d--, opium, orang-utans, pallid busts of pallas, petulant animosity, pits and pendulums, playing doom, purloined letters, respite and nepenthe, robert smith, scary fucking birds, sepulchres, tales of ratiocination, talking ravens, that bastard henry james, that other bastard emerson, the sea, ulalume, ungovernable passions, vortexes, young cousins